Hooray for Foshay!

The sounds of celebration started early in the evening as festive music played in the parking lot leading up to the red carpet entrance of the newly renovated James A. Foshay Learning Center Auditorium.

What had been a long time coming was finally a reality. The journey for a new auditorium began over 12 years ago, and based upon the smiles throughout the evening, this was truly the celebration of a dream come true.

Vince Womack conducting the Foshay Concert Band

Vince Womack conducting the Foshay Concert Band

Vince Womack, the Foshay Music Director and leader of this long journey to a new auditorium space, kicked of the night and led the evening’s festivities with the Foshay Concert Band. The evening was filled with numerous types of art and sound including poetry, chamber music, choir, and even a Deep Purple rock number by Middle School Rocks.

Foshay Learning Center is one of the many “USC Family of Schools” that the USC Thronton School of Music Outreach program works with on a regular basis, so it was quite a privilege to have the USC Los Angeles Youth Jazz Ensemble under the direction on Ryan Kienstra, share the stage for this wonderful evening of all things performance art.

Los Angeles Youth Jazz Ensemble

Los Angeles Youth Jazz Ensemble

The evening came to a close with a rollicking number by members of the Foshay school faculty that had people on their feet and dancing in the aisles.

Eventhough Mr. Womack mentioned that there are still a few things to iron out such as a nagging problem with pigeons in the ceiling that existed before renovations and continues to haunt the space, this was truly the start of something new, fresh, and longstanding…and a celebration of all things art in L.A.

For more information on the USC Family of Schools and information on ways in which USC builds local community, please visit http://communities.usc.edu/neighbors/schools.html


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