Fun Competitions!

Attention USC Thornton student musicians and songwriters!

If you are interested in making a difference with your music while working with children in the local community, now is the time to submit your work for the 2012-13 USC Chamber Ensemble Competition and the Children’s Song Composition Competition!

As a songwriter, enter the Children’s Song Composition Competition and have the chance to have your piece performed at the USC Neighborhood Children’s Choral Festival as well as winning a cash prize!

Or as a combo or chamber ensemble, create an educational assembly program and have the chance to win a residency at local schools, which includes musicians’ stipends!

USC Thornton student Jessica Guy entered her quintet in last year’s Chamber Ensemble Competition and came up a winner.  “My Quintet, The Sound of Five, wanted to come up with a fun and creative way to make music an exciting experience that students could be involved with, while simultaneously mirroring their current elementary studies.  We used the California State History Standards for grades three through six as a main platform to discuss and introduce musical ideas.”

Using costumes, narration, and of course music, Jessica adds, “The presentation took the students on a time traveling journey.  We used our imaginations to take us to various important time periods in California’s history, where we visited a member of the Chumash tribe, a monk who helped established a Mission, a real-life 49er in Coloma, CA, and a famous movie star during the Golden Age in Hollywood.  The objective was to show students how music can transport your mind to a different time or place.  By using specific sections of songs, we demonstrated how music can affect our emotions or tell a story.”

Not only is the competition a great way to present music in a new light and educate the audience, but Jessica also notes how one of the most important aspects of the competition is simply having fun.  “Having the opportunity to perform this presentation throughout Los Angeles was an amazing experience.  Watching the students participate and be excited for what was next on our time travel journey was priceless.  It was amazing to think about how our short presentation could inspire a young student to see the infinite number of possibilities that music can bring.”

In either competition, be it via songwriting or and ensemble performance, Jessica sums up the experience best by noting what many of us believe here at Thornton, by simply stating that “music education can be one of the most valuable resources in a young person’s educational journey.”   Be a part of this fun experience and enter your piece today as submission deadlines are rapidly approaching.

Help us spread the word by e-mailing or sharing this posting with other Thornton students who you think might be interested!

Chamber Ensemble Competition
Deadline for submissions:  November 16th
Click here for competition guidelines.

Song Composition Competition
NEW Deadline for submissions:  January 22nd
Click here for competition guidelines.

For more information, contact Nancy Wong, USC Thornton Outreach Program Administrator, at or (213) 821-5375.


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