Good Neighbors Campaign 2012

How can one go wrong when giving to a campaign that can achieve all of this: “Providing music classes. Preventing cavities. Offering pro bono legal advice. Helping high school students conduct research for a hospital. Providing acting classes.” And this is only a small portion of what the USC Good Neighbors Campaign achieves as a result of generous contributions from the USC Trojan Family – mostly USC staff and faculty. They contribute a portion of their paychecks to the USC Neighborhood Outreach.

Over the past 18 years, the USC Good Neighbors Campaign has raised over $14 million and the goal for 2012 is 1.6 million. More specifically, the USC Thornton Outreach Program is funded in part by the Good Neighbors Campaign allowing us to bring music education opportunities to youth in USC’s surrounding neighborhoods.

On October 2, a celebration in Alumni Park at the University Park Campus kicked off this year’s Good Neighbors Campaign. A group of Thornton Outreach mentors performed jazz music throughout the event, including a collaboration with the Foshay Learning Center Jazz Band. Eduardo Mollinedo-Pinon, a current Thornton Outreach mentor and a former Foshay student, spoke about his personal experiences with the Thornton Outreach program when he was a student at Foshay and now as a USC student going back to Foshay to mentor students in the music program.

Eduardo Mollinedo-Pinon speaking at the Good Neighbors Campaign kick-off rally.

The giving process is quick and easy, by simply going online to where you can make a one-time contribution or set up a regularly occurring payroll deduction.

“Swim classes. Jazz instruction. Free computers. Safety training and tools for preventing violence. Opera.” The list goes on and on…

Where does your contribution fit in?


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